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Kingdom Hearts Jewelry Line

Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Jewelry Line. From Kingdom Hearts Earrings to iconic Kingdom Hearts Necklaces, Extra Earrings has you covered.

Silver Kingdom Hearts Earrings

Silver Kingdom Hearts Earrings


Small Key Blade and Crown Necklace
Large Key Blade and Crown Necklace

Key Blade with a Crown Necklace


Kingdom Hearts Mismatched Earrings


Heartless Earrings on Dropped Posts
Heartless Earrings on French Hooks

Heartless Earrings


Small Keyblade Earrings
Medium Keyblade Earrings

Key Blade Earrings


Kingdom Hearts Compass Earrings
Kingdom Hearts Crown Earrings

Kingdom Hearts Symbols Earrings


Final Fantasy Yuna Nomura Necklace

Yuna Nomura Necklace


Giant Alice in Wonderland Earrings
Giant Alice in Wonderland Earrings

Alice in Wonderland Charm Earrings


Maleficient Dangle Earrings


Cheshire Cat Earrings

Cheshire Cat Stud Earrings


Silver Heartless Kingdom Hearts Earrings

Silver Heartless Earrings


Blue Kingdom Hearts Earrings

Kingdom Hearts Earrings


Tifa Lockhart Earrings

Tifa Lockhart Earrings