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All Extra Earrings products related to TV or the Movies.

She-Ra Custom Necklace

She-Ra Sword Necklace


Resident Evil Necklace

Resident Evil Necklace


Howl's Moving Castle Necklace


Harley Quinn Mad Love Earrings

Mad Love Earrings


Armen Arlert AOT Earrings
Attack on Titan Earrings

Scout Earrings


Gold Arrow Jojo Bizarre Adventure Earrings
Arrow Earrings

Stand Arrow Earrings


Baby Yoda with an Apple Earrings
Baby Yoda in his Carrier Earrings

Baby Yoda Earrings


Naruto Mismatch Earrings
watch_later Sold Out

Mismatched Naruto Earrings


Soot Earrings


Bulbasaur and Gameboy Custom Necklace
Charmander and Gameboy Custom Necklace

Pokemon Gameboy Necklace


Star Kirby Custom Necklace
Angel Kirby Custom Necklace

Kirby Necklace


Chrollo Earrings- Hunter X Hunter

Chrollo Earrings


Pokemon Bulbasaur Earrings
Pokemon Charizard Earrings

Pokemon Earrings


Blue Full Metal Alchemist Necklace
Purple Full Metal Alchemist Necklace

Full Metal Alchemist Necklace


Kenma Kozumi Custom Necklace
Kochi Sugawara Custom Necklace

Haikyūū Volleyball Necklace


Bubbled Death Star Earrings
Engraved Death Star Earrings

Death Star Earrings