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Fan Favorites at Classic Game Fest

Silver Kingdom Hearts Earrings

Silver Kingdom Hearts Earrings


Bulbasaur and Gameboy Custom Necklace
Charmander and Gameboy Custom Necklace

Pokemon Gameboy Necklace


Star Kirby Custom Necklace
Angel Kirby Custom Necklace

Kirby Necklace


Small Key Blade and Crown Necklace
Large Key Blade and Crown Necklace

Key Blade with a Crown Necklace


God of War Shield Earrings

Kratos' Shield Earrings


Pokemon Bulbasaur Earrings
Pokemon Charizard Earrings

Pokemon Earrings


Blue PacMan Ghost Necklace
Orange PacMan Ghost Necklace

Pacman Ghost Necklace


Giant Alice in Wonderland Earrings
Giant Alice in Wonderland Earrings

Alice in Wonderland Charm Earrings


Power Up Star Mushroom Necklace


1 Up Star Mushroom Earrings


Mismatched Star Mushroom Earrings


Super Mario Brothers Earrings on Dropped Posts
Super Mario Brothers Earrings on French Hooks

Mismatched Super Mario Brothers Earrings


Black Lucky Dice Earrings
Hot Pink Lucky Dice Earrings

Lucky Dice Earrings


Blue Pac Man Ghost Necklace
Orange Pac Man Ghost Necklace

Plastic Pac Man Ghost Necklace


Silver Heartless Kingdom Hearts Earrings

Silver Heartless Earrings


Super Mario Propeller Mushroom Earrings

Propeller Mushroom Earrings