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Mixed French Hooks

Gold Detailed Sun Earrings
Sun Earrings Group

Circle of the Sun Earrings


Large Gold and Silver Sun Earrings
Sun Earrings Group

Detailed Sun Earrings


Silver and Gold Double Star Earrings
Star Earrings Group

Double Star Earrings


Gold and Pink Moons with Stars Earrings
Moon Earrings Group

Starry Night Earrings


Boho Butterflies Earrings

Boho Butterfly Earrings


Silver and Gold Clouds Boho Earrings
Gold Clouds Boho Earrings

Cloud Charm Earrings


Gold and Silver Lightening Bolts Boho Earrings
Gold Lightening Bolts Boho Earrings

Lightening Bolt Earrings


Moon and  Star Boho Earrings
Pink Hearts Boho Earrings

Boho Heart Earrings